Tuesday, March 27, 2012


And what about this photos? I mean, aren't they beautiful? I'm absolutely in love with them. But, sadly, I haven't discovered the photographer who took them!
Once more the pastel colors, that I absolutely love, are visible, but what is truly making the photographs is that degradée hair.
I must say that when this new hair trend,also known as Ombré Hair, appeared I hated it. I thought that purposely coloring your hair like this was not tasteful at all. The hair looked damaged and just weird. But I admit it , with time, I got used to it, and now I don't dislike it. In this editorial, as in any editorial, the trend is taken to the extreme and it doesn't look natural, but I'm loving it anyways. Who knew?


Last year I discovered my current obsession. I haven't talked about it yet
T H E . W E E K N D
I love their music , I can't even put in words... They have an unique style, and, in my opinion they're the pioneers of this new music gender emerging : alternative R&B. Their like a mix of The XX with Drake, and of corse that could only be a good thing.
I found out recently they're coming to Portugal to Optimus Primavera Sound, and I can't wait to finally watch them live. That will definitely be a dream come true.
If you haven't heard them yet, I truly recommend you to click here
High for this; Initiation; The Zone; The Birds part1; The Knowing and House of Balloons, are my favorite tracks of them
Take a look and enjoy!



I've been quite busy with university but I promised myself to come here whenever I can. This is my last week before easter holidays and I'm counting the days for having no schedules! My head is exploding!
Above, my inspiration of the day, the first photo kind of expressing how i've been lately with college, and the second one's just simply beautiful (once more the chiffon appearing) with the nudes. Talking about 'nude', I can say this is one of my favorite trends of the season. Pastel, beige and pales seem to always look nice and appropriate. It transmits a sense of calm and class. I absolutely love it, especially combined with a bright/neon or coral color to give a bit of edge! Well overall I love this two complete opposites photographs,and I actually think they go well together. I'm now heading to the gym (working hard to get fit for the summer). see ya

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


From the french word for a cloth or rag, is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric, Chiffon is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres and it's a current obsession of mine. Half of my closet is chiffon, I just think it can be over-used as much as you want. It goes well with anything, any style. I love fluid and light fabrics, and I found chiffon very classy.
Above,two of the most current/popular pieces with this fabric. And I must say i'm in love with them!


Despite the title this is not my first post. Rewinding...
Basically, this is not my first blog. I had one ,created back in 2009, that was mainly about fashion, and I kept it for almost a year. However,due to a long list of reasons , I deleted it. But here I am,once again on Blogger, giving it another try.
I was not very happy with my past blog, so I'm trying a different thing here.I will neither categorize my blog nor focus on a specific theme. Whatever I feel like sharing, I'll do it.
hope you like.