Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I've been quite busy with university but I promised myself to come here whenever I can. This is my last week before easter holidays and I'm counting the days for having no schedules! My head is exploding!
Above, my inspiration of the day, the first photo kind of expressing how i've been lately with college, and the second one's just simply beautiful (once more the chiffon appearing) with the nudes. Talking about 'nude', I can say this is one of my favorite trends of the season. Pastel, beige and pales seem to always look nice and appropriate. It transmits a sense of calm and class. I absolutely love it, especially combined with a bright/neon or coral color to give a bit of edge! Well overall I love this two complete opposites photographs,and I actually think they go well together. I'm now heading to the gym (working hard to get fit for the summer). see ya

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